Bristol Renaissance Festival

Kenosha, Wisconsin

July 10 - September 10, 2004


Opening Gate

The Mayor

Lord Percival De... Wait, wrong faire.

Robin Hood arrives

And they get a better view of the crowd

The Eeldrytch Booth

The Nobles Glen

Cool looking booth

The new Town Square Public House

The Washing Well Wenches

Moonie the Magnificent

What every faire needs... A crow cage.

Umm, yeah....

I so don't have a comment for this....

Nice sign, but where's your 12 foot pole?

More paraders

And some more.

Her Majesty the Queen

And some knights

The bungee trampoline...

Me and Karina

Mud show warning

The Blacksmith's shop

And the Smiths

Meghan and Sydnee, the frog chuckers

Dirk and Guido, the Swordsmen

Ah, ha ha ha HA!

The Queen and her court

Me with our neighbors