Ahhhh! that shirt is back... This picture was taken to show off the new bracers, boots, and sword scabbard. Yes, I realize that it is so dark, you can only make out the bracers. The sword is a bastard sword from Kris Cutlery and I had Gyllian make a kicking sheath for it. It looks really good (trust me). However, the damn thing is so long I hardly ever carry it to faire anymore. Boots are from Sandlar and were a great deal. The best part is the bracers though. Eeldrytch "Vercingetorix" bracers. These may be the last pair that have been made. They rock.

How I spent the summer of 1997... my first leather outfit. Green and brown jerkin. Two new belts (one functional, one decorational). We also decorated the boots. We removed the laces and replaced them with straps. Looks much better this way.

My favorite toy. Mail-order from Minnesota. Arms and Armor. Awesome weapon. Love it, just love it. :-)