OK, here's the back sheath. Plus a new belt. This was built with "buttons" on it so I could attatch the back sheath, dagger sheath, tankard keeper, axe keeper, etc. Now I can remove everything without taking the belt off first. Hey, in this outfit, its a good thing.

This was at the Great Northeastern War (SCA event in Maine). I am starting to realize the joy of comfortable clothes in 95 degree weather. New longbow (very cool) and drawstring pouch. Old pouch was a little too small for my camera, so we made one slightly bigger.

Same day, but with a view of the new dagger sheath. Lot of work went into it and I get a lot of comments. Some of which are even positive.

Down at the NYRF. New Saxon bracers and clothes from the House of Dra. Sleeveless shirt is very cool in the summer. And these are my "Happy Pants". After wearing the leather pants for a while I bought these. They split up the side and you can tie the legs off however you want. (Yes I realize this is the same concept as the damn white shirt I've been bitching about. This works much better though. Trust me.) After I put them on I was dancing about the booth, overjoyed with my new found mobility. So Gyllian made mention of my "Happy Pants" and the name stuck.

So this is how I usually am at the faire now. Comfortable pants and shirt, bandana with headband, two boot daggers, dagger and some crushing weapon (axe, hammer or mace) on the belt and confortable bracers. Girl on the arm is optional, but highly sought after. :-)