Stockwood Renaissance Faire

Hurley, New York

April 26 - May 4, 2003

Week 1 (April 26 - 27)

Good day for a cloak.

More shops.

Ira seeking shelter in his duct tape fortress of solitude.

The Duke and Duchess.

Front Gate

And then there were vikings.

Sunday was much better

Milling about

Dulcimer player

Come join the fun

'What are you doing with that camera? Don't make me get the executioner!'

Smee and Blogg

Crimson Pirates

A closeup

The Sheriff of... I mean Stockwood's Ratcatcher.

Many more people on Sunday

Crimson Pirates again

The Greatest Show IN Earth!

Plumber's Crack?

Kat, Me and Colleen

Me and Colleen

Gaspacho enjoying the Pub Sing

He's really very shy...
And if you believe that...