Stockwood Renaissance Faire

Hurley, New York

April 26 - May 4, 2003

Week 2 (May 4 - 5)

Another nice day.

Still early in the morning for Roland.

Rose Girl Alicia

Sir Eric of Stockwood

Thorgaard of Norseland

Really nice Sir Eric. Way to make the kid cry.

Oops, he missed.

Or did he?

Duke and Duchess watching the action

The Duchess

Lynette and Sandy Cooper

Waiting for some action.

MAd Jack and Gaspacho

The Duke and Duchess, agian.

Striking a pose.

'Wow, this is really exciting...'

Look out! The vikings are going to sing!

This was actually very funny...

Look out! Here comes trouble.

Tink leading the Wench Walk.

Looking for a victim.

And some more.

'I can't believe you said that.'

What every faire needs. A mini-tomato shooting trebuchet.

Mmmm, wenches.

'And then the crane says...'

Papa Pat the Blacksmith.

That's it. Start 'em young.

And so is Steve...

'Hey, if I stand up here I'm taller than all of you!'

You know, I used to get in trouble when I did that...

Me and Anna

Hungry rat

A battle of wits.

Me and the Rag Pickers and the Rat

Singing and drinking in the pub.

And suddenly a brawl starts.

'Hey, that hurts!'

Wait, I wanna get in this.

Prince Hengist

'Can't we all just get along?'

Guess not.

Hengist claims Lynette

But Sandy steps in.


Sandy wins.
(Big surprise!)

But Hengist won't go quietly.