Week 7 (September 13 - 14)

Last weekend and it rained again.

The peacock didn't seem to mind.

OJ waiting for a falafel in the rain.

Waiting for the Human Chess Match.

I don't know...

Lord Burleigh

Still waiting.

The Queen and Marian challenge the Duke of Norfolk.

Little John and Sir Guy

Little John is not happy.

But it didn't help him.

Robin takes on the ever dangerous Pig Boy...

Guess who wins...

Actually, its Pig Boy.

Will Scarlet vs Sir Miles Falconet

Queen Aurroro vs Katie Armoural, the farrier (I think)

The ancient art of Sheep Fighting...

Obviously its very effective.

The Duke has a word with the Archbishop.

Fanny Little vs Grace O'Malley

Robin and Marian enjoy the action while the Queen dozes.

Marian vs this week's Sheriff.

The Queen and the Duke talk trash.

Robin and the Sheriff.

Ho! Ha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin!


But Robin prevails in the end.

The Duke and Queen decide to fight for the crown.

Tension mounts...

And somehow the Queen wins.

Lord Burleigh steps in front of a knife meant for the Queen.

It was very dramatic.

Theo and Katrina

Me and Jodie

Me and Colleen

The first time I actually saw Pru in garb.

Trying to see how many weapons I could carry at once.

The Moose Song!

And finally, the Joust

Maid Marian

Robin Hood

Sir Miles Falconet

Robin and Marian

Marian takes on Sir Guy

But doesn't fare so well...

Robin and Miles

Little John enjoying the show.

They take it to the ground.


Close shave.

'Oh my god!, He's going to the top turnbuckle!'

And the Big Elbow!

It takes a village to raise a Robin.

'Give me that lance!'

Final Pass.

The Moai.
(Click for explanation)